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University Application

China has now become one of the countries with the highest number of foreign students under her. And we at HowFar China aim to help students from around the world get accepted into highly rated and well recognized Chinese Universities.
With us, you are sure to get accepted into a highly rated university in China.
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Scholarships Application

We assist aspiring foreign students who meet the specified requirements get scholarships to study in China at any level, either as an undergraduate, graduate or as a post graduate student.
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Business and Management

Courses in the fields of business and management are among the most popular worldwide, at both undergraduate and graduate levels of study. Business and management degrees range from broad and comprehensive to highly specialized programs, spanning subjects including accounting, finance, business administration, economics, marketing and management – each of which provides further opportunities for specialization.

Science and Engineering

From computer science to sustainable energies, robotics to aeronautics, and medical technology to intelligent building design – engineering degrees offer a huge range of specializations. Graduates of engineering degrees are in high demand across the globe, with developing and developed nations alike calling out for highly qualified specialists to keep their economies growing.

Social Sciene Education

Social sciences subjects are united by a focus on understanding the workings of human society. This could mean becoming an expert in one particular sphere, such as law or finance, or taking a more holistic approach to understanding the causes of social change, or the relationships between individual and state.

life sciences & Medical Degrees

Looking at living things in great detail, life sciences and medical degrees cover some of the most challenging subjects out there. They are also some of the most exciting and rewarding, with breakthroughs occuring every day.

Natural Sciences Degrees

If, when you picture yourself in higher education, you’re either in a lab or wrestling with a complex set of equations, then you’re probably heading for a natural sciences degree at university. Natural sciences degree courses have a shared focus on understanding the natural world, but from a variety of perspectives – chemical, physical, mathematical, environmental, geological.

Arts and Humanities Degreest

Fact finding has driven millions of students to get arts and humanities degrees, focussing their attention on painting, literature or history. Though arts and humanities degrees may not offer as clear cut a career path as sciences, the wide ranging and transferable skills gained have equipped many graduates with more than enough to succeed in the professional world.

A Few Associate Universities

Northeastern University

Founded in 1923, Northeastern University (NEU) is a multi-disciplinary university located in Shenyang, the central city of Northeast China. The University offers 66 undergraduate programs, 189 graduate programs, and 108 doctoral programs. While still laying stress on basic sciences , the university has paid special attention to the development of applied sciences and social science .

Shenyang Jianzhu University

Shenyang Jianzhu University (SJZU) is the only comprehensive university in Liaoning Province which attaches its academic priority to Civil Engineering and Architecture as well as multi-disciplinary among engineering science, arts, administration, nature science, agronomy and law.

Shenyang Aerospace University

Founded in 1952, SAU is situated in the center of “Northern College Town” of Shenyang. The campus occupies a magnificent landscape of 1,200,000 square meters, with building areas of 600,000 square meters. The first airplane, designed and made by the joint effort of SAU students and teachers took off to the sky as early as 1958.

Shenyang University of Technology

Shenyang University of Technology (SUT), situated in Shenyang-a key modern city in the northeast, is an engineering oriented comprehensive university, with its subjects covering such seven areas, as engineering, science, economy, management, liberal arts, laws and philosophy.

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Scholarship Programs

Chinese Scholarships falls into either a full scholarship which covers tuition (or research) fees, medical Insurance for International Students, basic learning materials costs, accommodation, living allowance, a one-time settlement subsidy and one inter-city travel allowance. Or a partial scholarship includes one or some items of the full scholarship.

Types Of Scholarships


In order to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and people from the rest of the world, the Chinese Ministry of Education offers a variety of scholarship programs to sponsor international students and scholars to undertake studies and research in Chinese institutions of higher education.


To encourage more and higher caliber international students to study in China, 11 Chinese provincial and municipal governments have established scholarship funds for foreign students and scholars.


In order to attract the best international students, scholars and instructors, many leading Chinese universities and colleges have established their own scholarship schemes. A number of different types of scholarships are available; applicants should apply directly to their university of choice.


The Confucius Institute Scholarship Program was established by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters in order to encourage students and Chinese language teachers all over the world to study Chinese or conduct research regarding Chinese language and culture in China.


To encourage and motivate international students to come to China, some companies will provide chances for those who have excellent performances to study in China with a full scholarship

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Ticket Booking

We know how stressful it may be living in China due to the language barrier, we even know how more stressful it can get when trying to travel within China due to inability to book tickets.
We provide assistance to students who may be coming to China for the first time by helping with the purchase of thier tickets to any city within China(by Air or Train).

Aiport Pickup

We provide airport pickup services for new foreign students arriving China for the first time.
One of our representative would be available to pickup new students arriving for the first time at some designated airports and in some cases convey them to their respective schools.

Money Transfer

Sending money to and from China has remained a huge problem for foreign students and even workers in China. We provide assistance for foreigners in China either by sending or recieving money from China.

Hotel Bookings

Are you planning on traveling to a city and having a hard time finding a hotel that accepts foreigners or a having troubles communicating with these hotels?
Contact us today and we would get you very affordable hotels in any city of your choice.

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